Amalgam and Metal


Healthyness is the most important part of our life. Biological Dentistry is a young branch that is growing constantly. At the same time environmental damages, exposure to radiation and the number of chronic diseases are also increasing rapidly. There are certainly many reasons, but in recent years it has become more and more apparent that the basic cause for chronic diseases can very often be found in the

oral cavity: amalgam fillings, various metals, root-treated teeth and chronic ostitides are examples for this.

By eating food wich is not produce industrially, many people try to increase their health, but the vitamin content of our food dropped significantly. This can lead to deficiency diseases, such as periodontitis. Especially vitamin D3 is an important factor and should be checked regulary. A synergy of all relevant components to an individual´s health should be considerd.


In the oral cavitiy of most patients a number of different metals can be found; in combination with saliva this is a kind of battery. Especially the high toxicity of mercury, which is a component of more than 50 % of all amalgam fillings, needs to be noted. In Sweden and Norway for example amalgam has been banned for nearly 10 years and is also being disposed of a toxic waste in Germany. Mercury reacts in the body with organic molecules an is thus incorporated in the body. In particular, mercury reacts with toxins (poisons) that are formed by bacteria and thereby the unfavorable effect is enhanced.