Chronic Ostitides


Another interference field for the body´s health are the chronicle jawbone inflammation or the Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis, also known as NICO´s. Interestingly this is a chronicle inflammation which often occurs without any symptoms whereby most patient dont feel any pain. Once the Nico´s were removed, many patients feel better in general and observe that previous discomforts, such as back or shoulder pain, disappear. Before starting the whole process, we are able to simmulate the effects by specific

regional procain injections to remove the interfference field. This also allows us to test to wich, often positive, reactions these treatment can lead.

The removal of chronical ostitides occurs after an initial manual cleaning via a mechanical instrument (Piezotom) allowing a minimally invasive tissue-friendly surgical procedure. Subsequently, the bone surface is treated with ozone, which splits into atomic oxygen and thus acts bactericidal. Finally the oral cavitiy is filled

up with autologous blood membranes, obtained from a peripheral vessel.

Root canal treatment


The role of the immune system is to repel and inactivate bacteria, fungus, viruses and

other microorganismus. A root canal treated tooth can be threatening to the patiens health. Histological examinations show a variety of tina canals beside the main root canal(s). Especially in this small area a

germinationa of bacteria and toxic metabolism takes place. Our macrophages wich are similar to the white blood cells work as the „police“ of our body. Unfortunaltely these cells are too big to penetrate into these small channels.