The first visit


We creat a comprehensive treatment plan from a biological and functional point of view. Thus a clinical evaluation is necessary. Furthermore an up-to-date panoramic scan, a DVT (3D X-ray) as well as individual skull related mounted models are required. We are also going to determine your passive Vitamin D3 and

LDL (low density lipoprotein) Level. Based on these parameters, we develop individual recommendations for the corresponding required Vitamin intake. Accordingly your nutrition will likely need to be adjusted before and after surgery. Of course, you will receive all the necessary corresponding information from us.

If an up-to-date panoramic scan is availlable, please be sure to sent it in advance to:

Of course you will get a pre-planing including a reliable cost estimation.

The second visit encompasses the following steps wich take 1 or 2 days:

  • Infusion
  • Metal removal
  • Removal of chronic ostetits and if necessary root remnants and wisom teeth
  • Extraction of root-treated teeth
  • Immeditate ceramic implantats will be placed- as far as the existing bone permits.
  • The-body´s own membranes will be used to fill the gaps or defects of the bone
  • One-piece ceramic implants are inserted in the front and get provisories; in the back of the oral cavity two-piece ceramic implants will be inserted.

Case study:

Restoration in one day with immediate implantation and immediate fixed previsions

For a more detailed description of the procedure, take a closer look at our concept, where you find every step of the therapy and the backgrounds of it!